Water for Film Production

  • Water Effects
  • On Site Water Tanks
  • Moving Water
  • Water Tank Rental
  • Water Replenishment

Aqua Wheels is a favorite with filming crews in central texas. We work closely with production crews and our trucks carry 2035 gallons. We can get to any site!

Great for remote shoots. We are ready anywhere anytime to accommodate those beautiful central texas hill country shots: from street wetting to rain effects. Our trucks have spray heads, hose reel, nozzles and the ability to hook up to your rain making plumbing.

We already have relationships with local water companies to secure water accessibility and make your job easier.

Central Texas has been used as a backdrop for many movies. We are listed as the No.1 Place To Make Movies in America, the Friendliest Place to Make Movies in the USA and America’s No.1 Filmmaking Destination. Let us take the responsibility (and stress) from you related to your water needs during production.